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Ever consider that your mattress may be the cause of health issues?

People believe...

People get sick more often and cannot recover from breathing or skin issues. AND spend thousands of  $$$$$  for buying new mattresses and bedding.

Hidden Problems in Your Room

Dirt in the mattress affects the air in the room.
Mattresses accumulate lots of filth and dirt like dead skin, dust mites and their excrements quickly.
Accumulated filth in the mattress = allergens and toxins affect people’s skin and breathing.
People have bad sleep with dirty mattresses.
Has there ever been a time...
when people use air cleaners, and various cleaning tools trying to keep their home clean but still wake up in the morning feeling sick, coughing, sneezing, or scratching their skin?
Just Imagine...
Imagine having a Special System that uses vibration force with a strong airflow to pull all the dirt and filth that accumulated in your mattress and traps it all in the water container form where it never comes out.

Will it make your life easier?
Why Rainbow?
  • The Only
    Cleaning System
    that designed to deep clean any surface and certified as a trusted air cleaner
  • Numerous testimonials
    from customers who stopped using inhalers after keeping their beds clean with our system.
  • State-of-the-art technology
    Made in the USA and
    trusted since 1936
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